Elon has the misplaced arrogance of a “gifted” 7th grader who thinks big problems aren’t hard to solve at all, actually, and would have been solved long ago if only people were as bright as him

If the nascent metaverse is analogous to the nascent internet, does Mark Zuckerberg think Meta is AOL or Netscape?

I’m worried about putting all our eggs in Bandcamp’s basket. I love what it’s done for music, but in ten years a LOT of embedded audio players just won’t work anymore.

One of the great comforting things about a Bose Wave CD player is that the words on the glowing display are in Gill Sans

A good trick if you’re logging into multiple similar WordPress environments (dev/staging/prod): Change the Admin Color Scheme for each one so you can easily tell which one you’re in.

the mac touchbar could be offering to refill my coffee and i wouldn’t know it because i never look at the keyboard

We don’t talk enough about this Randy Newman impression that always felt bizarre in the middle of a teen comedy