I knew it was only a matter of time before Twitter changed their timeline design so that “open for a surprise” tweets wouldn’t make sense anymore

I want a supercut of every time a small mammal jumped and latched onto somebody’s face in a 1995-2005 comedy, it would be like an hour long

If Trump just called into Tucker Carlson for five minutes every Monday night urging people that getting vaccinated is the patriotic thing to do, COVID in the U.S. would be over.

Ted Lasso follows in the grand tradition of characters invented for commercials carrying their own series, its foundation laid by Ernest P. Worrel

Soon all these Cooper Light/Souvenir/Recoleta/Clearface/Windsor fonts are going to go WAY out of style, and quickly, don’t get caught flat-footed on this

Why does everybody use any excuse to say “kraken” these days? When did this kraken obsession start

If you search Lycos for “lycos,” you get an error page.

If you search Lycos for “google,” it says “There were no results for your search query. Maybe you accidentally invented a new word?”

Searching Lycos for “bing” works fine.

Everybody knows “web 2.0 badges” were a thing, but now for the life of me I can’t remember where I actually saw them

Is this a podcast or is it just somebody slowly reading an article over a trip hop record

There’ve been a lot of short-lived sitcoms, I know, but I don’t think I’ve seen a single reference to “Double Rush” since watching it in the mid-90s. It’s like I dreamed it.