Lawsuits: “Observers were 20 feet away instead of 6 feet away for 15 minutes”

Courts: “lol”

It’s wild when people claim to know with certainty what political outcomes would occur in a universe with a dozen or more variables changed; if this person had been nominated, if that person had said more of X and less of Y, if the New York Times or Breitbart or Facebook had or hadn’t done Z. Nobody knows anything.

For the first time in nearly 10 years of using Vim daily, I’m finally excited about the way I have completion working.

I just noticed pullquotes are rendered differently in Safari Reader. There is no “official” pullquote markup in HTML, but evidently Safari induces it from the presence of the pullquote class.

Two things I did not anticipate about wearing a mask are (a) Face ID doesn’t work, and (b) you can’t do the “slight smile” thing at strangers as you walk past them or get out of each other’s way in the supermarket. “Mask face” just looks generally peeved I think.

I know there more important things going on right now, and I hope everybody is staying safe out there — but the radio commercial Flo is different from the one on TV. Thanks

Apple Music in macOS Catalina will import users’ existing music libraries from iTunes in their entirety, Apple says. That includes not just music purchased on iTunes, but rips from CDs, MP3s, and the like added from other sources.

Ars Technica

And I assume we’ll still be able to add new mp3s to our libraries?